Golzar Hassanzadeh Hazfi

I am an Iranian artist. I was born in Tehran during the Revolution that removed the Shah period  ( 1980 ) and established a system that we have right now. ( I was born a year after the Revolution against the monarchy that brought about the Islamic republic regime of Iran and a year. Before the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war; the longest war of the 20th century. These events have shaped up my childhood memories and in retrospect have affected my worldview in great ways. I grew up in Tehran until my family decided to leave Iran in 2000 and we immigrated to Canada. There I continued my education in movie production and video editing at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto ( 2003 ). Before this learning experience writing was my main medium of self expression. In the academy I was captivated with the power that pictures, movement and sound can give to the words and ideas. I was introduced to the works of contemporary art and traveled to see the works of local conceptual artists in Paris, Berlin,Bologna,Amsterdam,Vienna, Montreal. However After almost ten years and much introspection, I came to the conclusion that I can’t fully realize my artistic potentials living as an immigrant in a foreign land and so I decided to go back to my roots and moved back to Tehran. In Tehran I attended kiarostamy’s cinema workshops and learned from his lyrical use of motion pictures. In 2009 I curated my first conceptual exhibition where I displayed my own video installation peace along with  the works of 6 other artists. Since then I have held many solo and group exhibitions. In my peaces I try to use different mediums such as Video,photo,installation,sound, music and even architecture in space. Besides video installation I do other activities like making short movie ,documentary, acting and contemporary dance. My artworks take a critical view of social,political and cultural issues. They are an invitation to my audience to “feel” my internal world.



Born in Tehran 1980
Lives and works in Tehran since 2008
2002- 2005 International Academy of Design and Technology- Toronto – Canada- Video Editing Diploma

Solo Exhibition
2016 – Persian Cat , Video & Installation , Etemad Gallery, Tehran
2010 – Laundry, Video Exhibition, Mehrva Gallery, Tehran

Group Exhibition
2015– Spring Hesitance, Video Exhibition, Negarstan Garden, Tehran
2014– Déjà Vu 2, Curating and Participated as an Artist, Video & Installation Group Exhibition, Ariana Gallery , Tehran
2013 – Déjà vu 1, Curating and Participated as an Artis, Video & Installation Group Exhibition, Aun Gallery , Tehran

2009-2015-Directing Short films and Documentary , That night Mahssa came Late , Seven Persons , Nour , AB
2009-2015 – Acting in short movies – The Ice- Seventh – The Ice-cream – The girl and driver- Objective Conditions – Tea …


2014 – 2017— Participated as a dancer in ICCD Contemporary dance Compony – Tehran
2017- Selected for Salzamt Art Residency , Linz, Austria
2015– Selected for Salzamt Art Residency , Linz, Austria
2015– Participated in Global Art and Global Artist Panel Discussion in Katholische privat-Universitat Linz